Regular maintenance of Mesh Top

For people who often wear Mesh Top, regular maintenance is essential. habitue maintenance includes cleaning, drying and storing the Mesh Top to ensure that it cadaver in good condition and has long-lasting beauty.

Variety of Colors and Patterns: Create Your Unique Mesh Top Style插图

Detail processing: creating exquisiteness and texture

The detail processing of interlock top off is the key to showing the exquisiteness and texture of the design. For example, through and through exquisite ruffle design or splicing details, the layering and kinetics of the Outfits top can be increased. In addition, you can also pick out undefined so much as metal decoration, beads or elaborate fancywork to inject a sense of forge and luxury into the Mesh Top. The clever use of detail processing allows Mesh Top to usher high quality and recherche design in all detail.


Three-dimensional tailoring of interlock tops off for different occasions

The three-dimensional thinning Outfits top can be suitable for various occasions. Here are some outfit suggestions for several occasions:

  • Daily casual: Pair it with jeans or sweat pants to create a relaxed and unplanned atmosphere, screening forge and personality.
  • Party or night out: Pair it with a high-waisted border or shorts to look erotic and elegant, making the overall look even more eye-catching.
  • Formal occasions: Paired with suit pants or skirts, you tin produce an elegant and intellectual image, suitable for formal business or sociable occasions.


Detailed processing of tassel elements

As a decorative element, tassels’ detail processing is one of the keys. In the design of Mesh Top, different detail processing methods can be used to show the beauty of tassel elements. For example, tassels can be decorated on the collar, cuffs or hem to highlight the design of the mesh top. In addition, tassels of unusual lengths tin also be combined together to create a feel of layering and visual effects. The cunning employ of inside information put up make the tassel elements of Outfits top more unique and artistic.


The influence and trend of asymmetric tailoring in the forge industry

As an unusual design style, crooked tailoring has always been related and sought later by the fashion industry. It is not only used in interlock Top, but also wide used in other forge items. The design of asymmetrical tailoring injects frees verve into orthodox items and has become a major trend in fashion. More and more designers and brands are beginning to adopt crooked tailoring designs to work more choices and personality to the wearer.


Color matching of retrospective pattern printing

The color twin of retro pattern printing plays an epochal role in the effect of interlock Top. Different color combinations can bring unusual styles and atmospheres. For example, choosing warm colors such as red and brown tin tote up a sense of warmth and romance; choosing soft colours much as pink and light blue tin show women’s femininity and elegance; choosing bright colours such as yellow and orangeness can add fashion Energy and personality. When choosing the color matching of retrospective pattern printing. You need to match it according to your personal preferences and skin tinge to achieve the best fashion effect.


Stage effect display of Mesh Top stage public presentation costumes
  • Display stage: On the undefined stage. The transparency of interlock Top put up highlight the lines and curves of the model’s body. Showing fashion and sexiness.
  • Music stage: On the medicine stage. The flexibility and undefined of interlock Top can be combined with the speech rhythm of the medicine to produce dynamics and enthusiasm.
  • Concert stage: On the concert stage, Mesh Top’s high position and rich colors put up be matched with lighting and protrusion effects to make for more shocking visual effects to the performers.

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