10 best tv remote apps for android

Android TV boxes have sầu become very popular devices và are great low-cost media centers for any trang chủ.

The remote controls that come with an Android TV box can be replaced easily with many nice units available.

This is good news for anyone who has lost a remote control or simply wants a nice upgrade.

Replacement remote controls are low-cost items that vary in features & build.

If you are on a budget, an old wireless USB mouse or keyboard can be used to control a box và can work in a pinch when nothing else is available.

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Types of Remote Controls for an Android TV Box Replacement remote controls work either from công nghệ Bluetooth không dây or with a dedicated USB dongle.

Most Android TV boxes will have built-in Bluetooth but if your box has Bluetooth issues then getting a unit with a USB dongle would be a better option.

The remotes that use a USB dongle don’t require the box lớn have sầu Bluetooth không dây or any other built-in feature other than a USB slot.

Below are some of our favorite options for Android TV box replacement.

Each unit will have its own thiết đặt depending if it is Công nghệ Bluetooth or has its own dedicated wireless dongle.

Units with a dedicated dongle are the easiest khổng lồ set up and working once the small USB dongle is plugged in.

Of course, a small USB dongle will take up a USB slot on a box và may not fit inlớn some setups, in which case a Bluetooth unit would be a better option.

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Popular Replacement Remote Controls for Android TV Boxes

Andoer FM4 Magic

Available Here on Amazon

Available Here on eBay

The Andoer FM4 Magic remote is a basic controller that is a very low-cost remote.

It doesn’t have sầu any big features và is a basic replacement for a lost or non-working remote control.

It uses a USB dongle to communicate with the controller making it a universal option và it works very well with Kodi và other apps.

If you need a basic replacement that works with almost any Android TV box it is hard lớn go wrong with the Andoer FM4 Magic.

Rii I8 Mini

Available Here on Amazon

Available Here on eBay

The Rii I8 Mini has been available for a while and is one of my favorite controllers for Android TV boxes.

It has a touch pad to control a cursor and easily move about and cliông xã.

The keyboard also makes it easy khổng lồ type when needed which is a big improvement over the onscreen keyboard.

The one downside is the built-in rechargeable battery life is lacking and needs to be recharged every 2-3 days.

For the price, it is a good unit & worth a look.


Available Here on Amazon

Available Here on eBay

ILEBYGO makes this Mini Bluetooth combination Keyboard with a back light.

It works with Android or Windows devices making it highly compatible.

The ILEBYGO Mini is a good low-cost unit that works well with Android TV boxes, smartphones, & many other devices.

Rii MX3

Available Here on Amazon

Available Here on eBay

Air mouse remotes are also a popular option.

Air mouse remotes work by pressing a button & moving the remote around with the cursor following.

The MX3 is one such unit that moves the cursor by moving your h&.

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One side has standard buttons and interface while the back has a small keyboard for typing.

It uses a USB dongle and is compatible with many operating systems including Android. Steps to Setup Non-Bluetooth Remote Control with an Android TV Box

Charge the remote or add batteries. Plugin the USB dongle that comes with the remote control.Test the controller which should now work.

Non-Công nghệ Bluetooth Remote controls that use a USB dongle are the easiest lớn thiết đặt.

Once the USB dongle is plugged in và the unit has power it should work. Steps to lớn Pair Bluetooth không dây with an Android TV Box Remote Control

Find the Setting Icon và cliông xã it.


Under Wireless & Networks will be Bluetooth click it.


The box will automatically scan for any Bluetooth device in Pair Mode.


Set the remote control to lớn be in Pair mode. (Look at the manual for the Pair button)


Select the remote control you want khổng lồ Pair with.

Pairing a Bluetooth remote control requires setting the box & controller in Pair mode.

Android TV boxes can differ for the location of the Công nghệ Bluetooth Pair option but it is usually in Settings.

If you cannot find a Bluetooth không dây option the box may not have sầu built-in Bluetooth.

Remote controls will have a button khổng lồ press that sets it in Bluetooth không dây mode.

Summary Buying a new remote control for an Android TV box is an easy low-cost thing to lớn bởi vì.

There are many types available from basic units to lớn multi featured units.

Setting up a new controller is also easy as most will have a USB dongle that simply plugs in and the controller is ready khổng lồ go.

Bluetooth không dây units will need to lớn be Pair in settings which is also easy.

The main thing will be to find one that fits your thiết đặt. As always be sure to lớn read the Đánh Giá on Amazon or elsewhere khổng lồ be sure a unit is a good fit for you.