Xiaomi mi box s android tv with google

The Mi Box 4K, lượt thích every other Xiaongươi hàng hóa out there, also punches way above sầu its weight when it comes to lớn feature set và pricing.

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Box 4K in India at a price of Rs 3,499.

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Xiaongươi has launched its first online streaming media player, aka the Mi Box 4K in India. The Mi Box 4K, lượt thích every other Xiaomày product out there, also punches way above its weight when it comes khổng lồ feature mix & pricing. Xiaomi went lớn great lengths khổng lồ compare the Mi Box 4K with the Amazon Fire TV Stiông xã 4K during its online keynote presentation on Friday, claiming how its sản phẩm is supposedly better (& cheaper). And it is, in many ways. But at the over of the day, it would all narrow down to lớn the kind of ecosystem that a consumer is comfortable investing their time và money in, rather than spec sheets, when it comes lớn a device lượt thích the Mi Box 4K or Amazon Fire TV Stichồng 4K.

The Mi TV Box 4K is a 4K Ultra HD streaming player based on Google’s Android TV operating system. So, in terms of core technology, it’s probably closer to lớn a Google Chromecast or an Airtel XStream stichồng — rather than the Alexa-powered Amazon Fire TV Stichồng 4K.

The purpose of the Mi TV Box 4K is simple. It is designed to lớn turn any non-smart TV into lớn a smart TV. Now, this doesn’t mean it can vì that with any TV. The Mi Box 4K can’t turn your “dumb” flatscreen TV any smarter. You must understand that your TV must have sầu some amount of smartness lớn be able to lớn tư vấn the Mi Box 4K. You need to have a high-definition television with high-speed HDMI đầu vào lớn make use of the Mi Box 4K.And because the Mi Box 4K is a streaming device, it requires an active sầu Internet connection khổng lồ bởi vì that. Though unlượt thích the Amazon Fire TV Stichồng 4K, the Xiaomi Mi Box 4K can play local files as well through its built-in USB 2.0 port. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, as the name suggests is just a “stick” that directly plugs into your TV, while the Xiaomày Mi Box 4K is a “box” with additional ports that make it more useful. Even the Google Chromecast and Airtel XStream stick don’t have sầu any secondary ports.

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Xiaomi’s Mi Box 4K runs Android TV.
That boxy design also allows Xiaomi to fit an audio out port in the Mi Box 4K that supports both the 3.5milimet & SPDIF standards. This means you can connect external sound systems to your setup. That’s in addition to lớn controlling the audio of your TV with the bundled Mi remote, provided it has an HDXiaoMI ARC port. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K doesn’t support external audio out, but it can let you control the audio on your TV via its bundled remote. Xiaomi’s remote can’t mute your TV, Amazon’s can do that.Both the Mi Box 4K and Amazon Fire TV Stichồng 4K come with a voice remote. Amazon offers both công nghệ Bluetooth không dây & Infrared in its voice remote. Xiaomi’s remote supports only Bluetooth không dây.In terms of output, both the Mi TV Box 4K and Amazon Fire TV Stiông xã 4K are capable of streaming native 4K Ultra-HD nội dung from OTT platforms like Netflix & Amazon Prime. Both of them support HDR 10 playback as well. Only the Amazon Fire TV Stiông chồng 4K supports HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision though. The Fire TV Stick 4K also holds the edge when it comes lớn audio, supporting Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, 2-channel stereo, và HDXiaoMi MI audio pass through up khổng lồ 5.1. The Mi Box 4K supports Dolby Audio & DTS 2.0 sound.When it comes to the ecosystem, the Fire TV Stiông xã 4K should be your go-lớn choice if you’re already an Amazon (Prime) customer. The device ties up well with all of Amazon’s services plus it also supports YouTube “officially” now. Though it can’t match the Android TV 9.0-based Mi Box 4K’s wealth of apps và games that you can download & install on it from the Google Play Store. The Mi Box 4K also comes with Chromecast built-in. It is possible lớn sideload apps on both the devices.The Fire TV Stiông xã 4K has better hardware especially when it comes lớn connectivity. The Fire TV Stiông xã 4K supports Bluetooth 5.0 (và Bluetooth không dây LE) & dual-b&, dual-antenmãng cầu Wi-Fi (MIMO). The Mi Box 4K supports Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.2 plus 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi.That said, the Mi Box 4K supports Google’s Data Saver functionality that’s claimed to lớn “allow upkhổng lồ three times more nội dung streaming, along with data counter for individual apps, và the ability to cast locally and wirelessly lớn the TV without the need for an Internet connection,” which can come handy in the ongoing pandemic scenario when găng tay on the internet is way too high.Where the Mi Box 4K falls short, it more than compensates for in pricing. Xiaomày has launched the Mi Box 4K in India at a price of Rs 3,499. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K in contrast sells for Rs 5,999 in India, while a 1080p version of the same device is available for Rs 3,999. Clearly, Xiaomi’s pricing undercuts Amazon’s while bringing a lot of similar functionality including a voice remote lớn the table.Also Read Xiaomày Mi Box 4K launched in India lớn take on Amazon Fire TV Stick; here are all details

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