Aptoide is the best alternative sầu lớn Google Play, an Android app store where you"ll be able lớn find millions of apps và games completely không lấy phí of charge


To tải về applications khổng lồ our smartphone or tablet, us Android users usually resort lớn the official Google Play store, because it"s installed by mặc định on our phone, because it"s comfortable and because we trust whatever Google offers us.

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But if you don"t want anything khổng lồ vị with Google"s store or you just don"t have sầu it installed on your phone (it may happen if you use Cyanogenthủ thuật or if you"ve bought yourself an unknown Chinese phone), you should know that there are other stores that are as good or even better than the one developed by the guys at Mountain View.

And there we can find all sorts of apps: those that Google hasn"t approved or have sầu been rejected because they don"t meet their policies, such as those applications to download videos from YouTube, or even không tính phí versions of paid applications.

An alternative sầu Android market that stands up khổng lồ Mobogenie.

Nowadays, Aptoide is the best one of them all and the strongest alternative khổng lồ the Play Store. It includes millions of applications ready khổng lồ be downloaded & installed by the user in APK format & it also allows developers to lớn offer their products by creating their own app stores.

How does Aptoide work? How lớn install it on Android? How khổng lồ add repos?

As you"ve already imagined, this application isn"t available on Google Play, but installing it on our điện thoại thông minh or tablet is as easy as getting hold of its APK via its official website or the tải về links we"re hereby offering. It"s also very really simple lớn use. Just tải về the application lớn start downloading apps from this alternative store. It doesn"t require signups or logins, although creating a không tính phí account can provide us with some added advantages.

Easy to lớn install và even easier to use.

Once we open the tiện ích we can start browsing through its millions of applications, from Google Play classics like Pokémon GO, Geometry Dash or Minecraft PE, lớn programs forbidden on Google"s market, like Tubemate or Lucky Patcher.

A simple tap on the Install button is enough to have the tiện ích we want on our smartphone. Previously, you"ll have to lớn enable the option that allows the installation from unknown sources lớn be able to lớn make the most of all these applications.

That"s all about the official default repo in this application. But one of the most significant features of this tool is being able to download apps & games from stores developed by other users that receive sầu the name of repos or repositories. To add a new one, you only have to lớn follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the Stores tab on the interface"s upper toolbar.Step 2. Tap on the + button.Step 3. Write the name of the repo lớn be added or choose one from the list of most popular stores.

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Step 4. Press the Follow button to have sầu a shortcut to the applications published by that store.

There are hundreds of different repositories out there including the popular apps, milaupv, darkkiller or mark 8, from where you can download a miễn phí version of the popular mobile game Minecraft Pocket Edtion, which is usually a pay-to-play game.

Main features

Millions of APKs to lớn be downloaded straight lớn your phone.Thousands of applications that can"t be found in any other market.Free applications that on Google Play are paid apps.Possibility to search by thematic stores.Security improvements due lớn how easy it is to insert malware into lớn the apps of this store.Built-in search engine to lớn easily find any application.Discover the best apps, those recommended by the editor or popular applications at that moment.Update tab lớn know if you"ve sầu got the latest version of your apps.Lite version that intends khổng lồ be the fasdemo phầm mềm store in the world.Stores tab to add repos created by third parties.

Aptoide vs Mobogenie and Blackmart. Which one is better?

This tool is obviously not the only tool of its nature out there. There are several applications that intover to lớn be the best Google Play alternative to offer us millions of không tính phí apps that we could never find in Google"s official store or otherwise have sầu to pay for them.

One of the most popular ones is definitely Mobogenie, a very similar application khổng lồ the one we"re talking about, but even more complete. Not only does it allow us khổng lồ tải về & install apps & games on our Smartphone device, but we"ll also have sầu access khổng lồ loads of songs in MP3 format, eBooks and, above sầu all, the possibility to tải về videos from YouTube from within the application.

With regard to Blackmart or Blackmarket, it"s probably quite an unknown alternative compared lớn the other two, but not necessarily worse. In fact, its most loyal users defkết thúc it by stating that the number of applications is much larger và that it doesn"t require repositories (the tải về of applications is centralized in a single store), although, on the contrary, it may be somewhat unstable as it"s only available in an altrộn version for the time being.

In view of all these features, it"s quite obvious that having this APK installed on our Android device is almost a must. And what happens if we"ve got an iPhone? Well, unfortunately, Aptoide iOS isn"t available yet, & it doesn"t look like it will be around in the near future. Appl smartphone users don"t know what they"re missing out on.

What"s new in the latest version

The new version of the tiện ích introduces stability, speed, và performance improvements.