Công Ty Cổ Phần Hanfimex Việt Nam

Since 2003, shrinkingthecamel.com Group has always focused on our mission “For A Healthy Food Chain”. We are a top manufacturer, exporter of Foods và Spices in Vietphái nam such as Cashew Nuts; Blaông chồng, White Pepper, Cinnatháng, Robusta Coffee, Desiccated Coconuts,…

shrinkingthecamel.com Group’s success thanks lớn the vision of establishing the 6F concept: Fresh Farm – Fair Factory – Fine Food, additionally khổng lồ commitments creating values from green agricultural products.

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We have a system of more than 2000 progressive sầu farmers as our reliable partners that engage in non-chemical farming in many provinces of Vietnam giới.

The 6 factories fulfill all standards for exporting to lớn Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, etc, such as BRC type A, Organic, Kosher, HACCP…

shrinkingthecamel.com aims khổng lồ provide high standards of product và service khổng lồ its customers throughout all levels of its business (ISO 22000 certification attested).

Respond as quickly as possible; deeply experience of technical products; think long term; win-win solution that are some of guideline for all our services.

“By choosing carefully fresh và fine material and employing a high-tech process, all finished products maintain the original aroma, flavor và quality as a gift from the nature.”




Our selection represents our high standards và our diligent work to maintain them. In addition lớn quality of products, assuring unique means carefully monitoring food safety, handled, stored và flexible service.

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01. Liên hệ us at a convenient time for you.

Please feel free to lớn liên hệ our sales, finance và logistic team as details in Our Team section.

02. Place an order for products

No matter if you order product or service of us, so it is delivered khổng lồ your area as soon as possible.

03. Get an order that made.

Stay-at-home or stay-at-office order và follow up the process of ordering & purchasing.