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Established in 2012, BSE E&C Ltd are still growing khổng lồ become one of the Vietnam’s largest speciadanh sách Mechanical and Electrical Construction Practices, with office at Ho Chi Minch City. The company’s commitment to high levels of service and the delivery of efficient and cost-effective sầu solutions on projects of all sizes have been the catalysts for BSE’s development inkhổng lồ one of the industry’s most successful medium sized businesses.

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This steady growth has been based on a foundation of sound M&E experience & knowledge. BSE has always maintained its focus on the core principles & practice of its profession, while keeping pace with the industry’s continuously evolving contractual và technical environment.BSE has founded on strong principles of professionalism, innovation, technological expertise, service và quality standards, BSE has recorded structured và consistent growth since its formation & enjoys client retention figures above the industry standard, due in no small measure khổng lồ the company’s pervasive sầu service culture & its consistent ability lớn exceed client expectations on projects of all sizes.Based in Ho Chi Minch City the economics capital of Vietnam giới, BSE operates throughout the Vietnam giới Country & beyond. With over 150 highly trained, highly thiết bị di động staff and site operatives based around the region, responsible for the delivery of high levels of client service, we are able to lớn respond quickly và effectively to labour requirements. The company has a wealth of experience operating in a range of both new build và refurbishment projects & also in live environments, and understands the complexities of every project type.

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At BSE we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the full range of M & E services and site utilities. Of course, environmental considerations have sầu played a key role in our emergence as one of most capable and innovative building services engineering companies in the construction sector, và since our formation in 2012 we’ve sầu established ourselves as an industry leader in the application of renewable technologies, and also in the thiết kế and installation of mechanical, electrical and environmental services for private and public sector construction projects from $50K khổng lồ over $1 Million in value.The past few years have been pivotal in the development of our range of services, & the company as a whole. In a tough trading environment we’ve sầu continued to lớn grow in form size và stature, và this is due to our commitment to client service, coupled with a view that we never take business or clients for granted. It’s the reason our client retention figures are as impressive as our service offering; services which now also include GMPhường / FM consultancy và specialist electrical contracting, in addition khổng lồ our growing expertise in renewable energy systems.We are committed to lớn training & leading technological development, which we believe sầu are vital to lớn enable us khổng lồ satisfy the requirements of the construction industry in the future.


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