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Have you ever visited a brand’s Facebook page and saw a beautiful cover đoạn phim that plays on a loop? Have you ever wanted to lớn have sầu something like that for your own company page? Well, you can easily do that with our help.

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In this post, we will tell you everything that you need to lớn know about Facebook cover videos. This includes video clip specifications, the process khổng lồ upload a đoạn Clip, along with ideas for your Facebook cover đoạn phim. So, read on and learn how to lớn upload engaging Facebook cover videos for your company page.

Facebook Cover Videos: The Complete Guide

Facebook Cover Video Specifications

Before we get into more details about Facebook cover videos, let’s first understand the basic requirements put forth by Facebook.

Here is a complete các mục of technical specifications that you need khổng lồ follow for your cover videos:


Your Facebook cover Clip should be a minimum of 8đôi mươi x 312 pixels. However, for optimum results, use a video clip that is 8trăng tròn x 462 pixels.

The ideal aspect ratio is 16:9, so it’s better lớn upload videos with those dimensions. However, if you upload a đoạn phim of any other aspect ratio, it will be automatically converted khổng lồ a 16:9 ratio. This might distort the Clip or lead to lớn the video being cut from the margins.

How can you avoid that?

Use a Clip where all the important elements are centred so that even if the margins are cut, the đoạn phim will look the same.

Rethành viên, the Facebook cover Clip displays differently on the thiết bị di động phầm mềm &, therefore, the dimensions also change.

The sides of your normal cover đoạn Clip get cut off when it is displayed on sản phẩm điện thoại & the dimensions change lớn 640 x 360 pixels.

As mentioned above, keep your text và main đoạn phim elements centred lớn avoid these being cropped when displayed on điện thoại.


While Facebook does not specify the Facebook cover Clip size, try to keep it below 1.75 GB.


That’s the prescribed limit for videos on the site.

Also, try khổng lồ create a Clip of fewer than 90 seconds, (even that is a bit much).

That will help keep the Clip kích cỡ on the lower end. And that will ensure that the đoạn Clip plays smoothly and does not disrupt a user’s viewing experience.


Your Facebook cover video clip should be between trăng tròn seconds and 90 seconds in length.


You can upload .mp4 or .mov files with a maximum resolution of 1080p.

It is possible for you to upload videos in other formats as well, but these are the ones recommended by Facebook. So, for best results, use these tệp tin formats.

You can always use a không tính phí online file converter to convert any type of videos inlớn these tệp tin formats.

Uploading Your Facebook Cover Video

Now that you know all of the specifications of Facebook cover videos, it’s time khổng lồ actually upload one.

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Here is the step-by-step process of uploading one:

Go to your Facebook protệp tin page.Cliông xã on the option to add a cover or change your existing cover.Choose the video that you want to lớn upload from your device or your Facebook videos.Reposition the đoạn phim correctly by dragging it up or down or left or right.You will be provided thumbnail photo options, select the one you like.Save sầu & exit.

There you go, now you can successfully upload a Facebook cover đoạn Clip using this process.

Facebook Cover Video Ideas

Now that you know the basics of how lớn upload Facebook cover videos, let’s look at some ideas to lớn inspire you.

Here are seven ideas of what you can do with your Facebook cover videos. These are just lớn get you started.

You can always experiment & come up with your own innovative ideas for your Facebook cover Clip.

Here are some of the best Facebook cover video ideas lớn boost your Facebook kinh doanh.

1. Show Your Lademo Products/Collections

The simplest thing that you can vày with your Facebook cover videos is khổng lồ showcase your latest products or collections. This is an especially great idea for retailers who often have sầu seasonal hàng hóa collections.

Do you have a new fall collection?

Give your followers a sneak-peek through your Facebook cover video.

However, it is not just for retailers. Anyone with a sản phẩm business can utilise the cover Clip to lớn showcase their products.

You can use it to promote any one product or display an entire series of products.

It is very simple và effective sầu. All you need lớn vày is make an engaging đoạn phim displaying your products. You can either show your products in use or simply use beautiful flat lays to display them.

The best part?

Since cover videos play on a loop, it is a sure-shot way of grabbing audience attention.

2. Show Off Your Past Work

For businesses that sell services instead of products, it is not as simple to lớn display their work.

However, you can still show a glimpse of what you vì chưng by means of case studies, client testimonials, or footage of some of your past work.

For example:Chechồng out the example below in which a photographer has shown footage & pictures from her past clients lớn showcase her past work.


Image Source: Facebook

They use their Facebook cover video clip to list their suite of services & promote their brvà.

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Ready khổng lồ Get Started?

This is a complete guide to everything that you need khổng lồ know about Facebook cover videos. Use this as a reference the next time you want khổng lồ create & upload a Facebook cover video clip for your page.

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