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Microsoft SQL Server All Versions Activations

Short Introduction:- Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational database Management System created by Microsoft. As a database VPS, it is a product item with the essential capađô thị of putting away and recovering information as mentioned by other programming applications—which may run either on a similar PC or on another PC over a system.

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There are various versions of Microsoft SQL Server which are listed below:

Developer Edition (x86, x64)Developer Edition (x86, x64)Enterprise Edition (x86, x64)Data Center Edition (x86, x64)Standard Edition (x86, x64)Web Edition (x86, x64)Enterprise Vi xử lý Core Edition (x64)CAL Edition (x86, x64)Business Intelligence Edition (x64)

All versions captioned above can be downloaded for không tính phí from links Given below. Cliông chồng Download Button below và then choose any version which you would like khổng lồ download.

Here I am going lớn provide you some Activation keys of Various versions (2008-2017) & Editions of MS SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server Activations Keys SQL Verion Activation Key
SQL Server 2008 * Developer Edition: PTTFM-X467G-P7RH2-3Q6CG-4DMYB * Enterprise Edition:JD8Y6-HQG69-P9H84-XDTPG-34MBB* Developer Edition (32-bit):MC46H-JQR3C-2JRHY-XYRKY-QWPVM* Developer Edition (64-bit):FTMGC-B2J97-PJ4QG-V84YB-MTXX8* Data Center Edition (32-bit):PTTFM-X467G-P7RH2-3Q6CG-4DMYB* Data Center Edition (64-bit):DDT3B-8W62X-P9JD6-8MX7M-HWK38* Enterprise Edition (32-bit):R88PF-GMCFT-KM2KR-4R7GB-43K4B* Enterprise Edition (64-bit):GYF3T-H2V88-GRPPH-HWRJP-QRTYB* Standard Version (32-bit):CXTFT-74V4Y-9D48T-2DMFW-TX7CY* Standard Edition (64-bit):B68Q6-KK2R7-89WGB-6Q9KR-QHFDW* Working Group Edition:XQ4CB-VK9P3-4WYYH-4HQX3-K2R6Q* WEB Edition:FP4P7-YKG22-WGRVK-MKGMX-V9MTM
SQL Server 2012 * Enterprise Vi xử lý Core Edition:FH666-Y346V-7XFQ3-V69JM-RHW28* Business Intelligence Edition:HRV7T-DVTM4-V6XG8-P36T4-MRYT6* Developer Edition:YQWTX-G8T4R-QW4XX-BVH62-GP68Y* Enterprise Server/CAL Edition:748RB-X4T6B-MRM7V-RTVFF-CHC8H* Standard Edition:YFC4R-BRRWB-TVP9Y-6WJQ9-MCJQ7* Web Edition:FB3W8-YRXDP-G8F8F-C46KG-Q998F
SQL Server 2012 R2 * Developer Edition:YQWTX-G8T4R-QW4XX-BVH62-GP68Y
Squốc lộ Server 2014 * Web Edition:J9MBB-R8PMP-R8WTW-8JJRD-C6GGW* Standard Edition:P7FRV-Y6X6Y-Y8C6Q-TB4QR-DMTTK* Developer Edition:82YJF-9RP6B-YQV9M-VXQFR-YJBGX* Enterprise Edition:27HMJ-GH7P9-X2TTB-WPHQC-RG79R* Enterprise Vi xử lý Core Edition:TJYBJ-8YGH6-QK2JJ-M9DFB-D7M9D* Business Intelligence Edition:GJPF4-7PTW4-BB9JH-BVP6M-WFTMJ
SQL Server 2016 * Enterprise Edition:MDCJV-3YX8N-WG89M-KV443-G8249* Enterprise Chip Core Edition:TBR8B-BXC4Y-298NV-PYTBY-G3BCP* Standard Edition:B9GQY-GBG4J-282NY-QRG4X-KQBCR* Web Edition:BXJTY-X3GNH-WHTHG-8V3XK-T8243
SQL Server 2017 * Enterprise Edition:TDKQD-PKV44-PJT4N-TCJG2-3YJ6B