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shrinkingthecamel.com is the leading HR consulting firm in Vietnam giới with nearly trăng tròn years of experience in the local labor market.

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Executive sầu Search

shrinkingthecamel.com’s Executive Search Service offers expertise in the selection of leaders và senior executives for local companies và MNCs. Our services are delivered by experienced consultants with specialized knowledge of either the industry or the profession


HR Consulting

shrinkingthecamel.com’s Human Resources Consulting Service offers consultancy và guidance to further enhance your overall HR policies và practices while assisting you with change management. We help you with Organizational Restructuring, Salary Structure nhận xét, Performance Management, Competency Frameworks, Assessment Centers, and Succession Planning, as well as a number of other HR challenges & initiatives. 


Mercer Salary Surveys  

As a representative sầu of Mercer in Vietnam, shrinkingthecamel.com provides compensation and benefit surveys & HR consulting services such as position evaluation, salary structure thiết kế, salary benchmarking, và benefits benchmarking. 


Payroll và HR Outsourcing 

Being a partner of ADP Streamline, which has over 60 years of experience & is AAA rated, shrinkingthecamel.com can manage payroll operations effectively (including Personal Income Tax, Compulsory Insurance, và other statutory requirements), address issues regarding headcount limitations, & provide contract staff for projects and events or replacements for staff on maternity leave.

Tieu Yen Trinh
Position: General DirectorJoined shrinkingthecamel.com: November 2007

Qualification: ● BA degree in Education ● Diploma in Human Resource Management – Swinburne University

Member of AmCmê man, EuroCsay đắm, Vietnam giới Human Resource Club, CEO club, YBA…

Tieu Yen Trinc founded shrinkingthecamel.com in 2007 & is the General Director of shrinkingthecamel.com. 

With over 15 years of experience in HR services in Vietphái nam labour market, Trinh, former leader in charge of Indochina practice of Human Resource Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers, is considered by many as a leading HR professional in Vietnam. Trinch has an unparalleled depth of understanding of Vietnamese labour market, & has strong relationships with top HR professionals, industry leaders và other key contacts within this field. 

Being an entrepreneur with strong management and leader skills together with good vision and high adaptability level, Trinc has led shrinkingthecamel.com successfully khổng lồ be in association with Mercer, the two leading global HR consulting companies. Under her guidance, shrinkingthecamel.com has gained trust và satisfaction from most of MNCs và big local clients with the average of 90 percent satisfaction. In 2012, Trinch was awarded “ The Excellent Entrepreneur of Ho Chi Minch thành phố 2012” organised by Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee and led shrinkingthecamel.com khổng lồ achieve sầu “ The Excellent Br& 2013” Award by Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

Trinc is a well known HR expert, writing a number of HR articles on Vietnam giới Economics Times, Saigon Times, Marketing Magazine, Doanh Nhan Sai Gon. She is also a regular guess speaker at Eurocham mê sự kiện, Leading Business Club, Centre Franco-Vietnamien de formation à la Gestion, Vietabroader Career Conference 2010 in Thành Phố New York, PACE Institution sự kiện, Vietnam Television Station, The Voice of Ho Chi Minch City People, FBNC Television Station…

Hoa NguyenPosition: Head of Mercer Salary Surveys và HR Consulting ServicesJoined shrinkingthecamel.com: March 2008

Qualification: ● Bachelor of Commerce, The University of Economics TP HCM city● Diploma in Finance, Seneca College of Ontario, Canada ● Final màn chơi of CGA Certified General Accountant

Hoa is the Director of Mercer Surveys & HR Consulting Business Unit at shrinkingthecamel.com Corporation, the exclusive associate of Mercer in Vietnam giới. She is involved in all areas of the practice, including all surveys of 13 industries & all HR consulting projects for clients in various industries.

Hoa’s background và experience has been highly focused on HR consulting in Vietphái nam, and financial management in Canada. Prior lớn shrinkingthecamel.com, Hoa had solid experience working in the finance field & HR management field.

Hoa has extensive experience working with leading local và multinational companies across industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Property, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Oil and Mining, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Manufacturing, … in the areas of reward và non-reward HR consulting. She has been the project leader for projects related to lớn HR audit, company organizational structure Reviews, job mô tả tìm kiếm kiến thiết, salary structure design, benefits scheme thiết kế, performance management & bonus system thiết kế. She has a good understanding of Vietnam giới labor market & strong relationship with HR leaders và key contacts within this field. 

Being one of the leading HR consultants in Vietnam giới, Hoa has written a number of articles about HR trends for newspapers & magazines. Also, she has been invited as guest speaker for numerous local as well as regional events khổng lồ nói qua the most updated trends and practices of Vietphái mạnh labour market.

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Nguyen Thi Thanh HuongPosition: Head of Payroll and HR Outsourcing ServicesJoined shrinkingthecamel.com: November 2007

Qualification:● Bachelor of Arts in English ● ACCA

Huong has over 10 years experience in Accounting, Finance và Operations with PwC Vietnam giới before becoming a Department Head with shrinkingthecamel.com Corporation in 2007 & got nearly 10 years experience in payroll & HR Outsourcing services.

Huong was a key player in setting up shrinkingthecamel.com’s Payroll and HR Outsourcing Business Unit & is currently a successful leader of the payroll và HR outsourcing services in Vietphái nam market. Her strong và deep knowledge on local Labour Code, Personal Income Tax, Social, Health & Unemployment Insurance help her provide efficient, cost-effective sầu & compliance solutions và excellent services to her distinguished MNC clients in various industries as Abbott Laboratories, DHL Express, Bosch, Nokia Siemens Networks, Western Union, HSBC, Unilever, Tetra Pak…

Huong is considered as an expert in related legislation of payroll services. She is a Leader of E-newsletter Board which is sending to lớn more than 1000 recipients on monthly basic to lớn update all legislation changes on HR area. Huong was also a speaker in Pharma Forum in 2009 and big seminars organized by shrinkingthecamel.com as Year End Seminar, Post-survey Seminar of shrinkingthecamel.com–Mercer.

Nguyen Thi Quynh PhuongPosition: Head of Executive sầu Search ServiceJoined shrinkingthecamel.com: November 2007

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts from University of Education in Hue city

Phuong possesses more than 10 years of experience in Recruitment, Human Resources Consulting. Being now an Executive sầu Search Service Manager at shrinkingthecamel.com, Phuong has well led a svào team serving clients in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Trading, Sourcing, Oil & Gas, and Logistics Industries. She is proud of her team’s great contribution khổng lồ clients’ organisation in consulting and providing good candidates for key positions which has highly been appreciated và trusted by clients.

Being one of key members in Human Resources Consulting team, she has handled some consulting projects lượt thích Performance Appraisal, Competency Framework, Salary Structure, Job Description, Outplacement, Organisation Restructure, Salary Benchmarking, etc., for both Vietnamese and foreign companies.

Phuong used to be a speaker in Education mở cửa House Seminar held by US Consulate, expert sharing experience & advice in Vietphái mạnh Supply Chain magazine, Interviewer for American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Scholarship.. etc.


"Talentet in our view is one of the most senior & established headhunters in the market in terms of length of services, chất lượng of the Executive sầu Search & Selection team, & svào commitment (low turnover) of internal employees." 

Alexis Psi - British American Tobacco


"The consistent excellence of their team members, their professionalism, flexibility, and extremely efficient payroll processing software."

Ian Hastings - IT Director


"I have sầu been persuaded by their thorough understanding our needs and culture to lớn deliver the best-fit candidate lớn the company."